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About BSV

Blue Suede Vintage was founded by me, Casey O'Rourke, when I made the move from Austin to my hometown of Memphis, TN. In the process, I realized I needed to 1: clean out my closet and 2: continue to fuel my vintage obsession in a way that wouldn't completely take over my house and/or my life. Since Memphis is known for the King, it's the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock-n-roll... Blue Suede Vintage was an obvious choice.

Not long after I started, I joined up with my BFF since 2nd grade, Meg Johnson, (that's 20+ years of friendship, y'all!) to take advantage of her keen eye for home design. She now supplies 90% of the vintage home goods sold on the site, and I am continually blown away by her ability to source affordable, standout vintage home pieces. Luh you girl.

I have a full time, big girl, 9-5 gig as a Director of Marketing at a pharmaceutical company. I run this site solely on nights and weekends, simply because it's what I love. I do my best to answer emails and fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but for right now, it's just me doing all the photographing, listings, postings, etc etc etc! So your patience is always appreciated. 

If you ever want to talk about rescue dogs, why I made the move from "omgAustinisSOfun" to Memphis (I could talk about that for hours, seriously), sour beer, sustainability, Broad City, or duh, all things vintage, please drop me a line! 

Check out my buttoned-up, profesh site here, if you're into that sorta thing.