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How do I determine what size I need?

Keep in mind that labeled vintage sizing is almost always different than modern sizing. A 10 on a vintage tag, may be more like a modern size 2! This is why I take the most relevant measurements--always in inches--for every piece that I list. If you're ever unsure of sizing or need additional measurements than the ones provided, please contact me, as all Blue Suede Vintage sales are final. Examples of common measurements listed on product pages are:

  • Inseam: For pants, this is the inner measurement from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.
  • Length: This is pretty self-explanatory. For dresses, for example, this is the total length from the shoulder (usually just to the side of the neck opening) to the very bottom of the garment. 
  • PTP (pit-to-pit): Basically, armpit to armpit for tops and dresses. This is not exactly a bust measurement--because let's be honest, whose ladies really sit that high--but it's close.
  • Rise: For pants, this is the length from the crotch to the top of the waistband.
  • Sleeve: This is the length from the shoulder seam to the tip of the sleeve, unless otherwise noted.
  • Waist: This is taken with the garment lying flat. For example, a skirt with a waist measurement of 14" means that the waist opening is roughly 28" all the way around. Waist measurements may seem small, but keep in mind that many vintage pieces are meant to sit at the natural waist and not low-slung around the hips.

Sometimes, a "Labeled Size" is listed, along with a "Modern Size." The modern size is just my best guessIt's best to go off of measurements first!

How do you determine the age of a vintage garment?

When possible, I simply ask the person from which I sourced the piece! If that's not feasible, I do LOTS of online research. The Vintage Fashion Guild, in particular, is an awesome resource for label lookups. If I absolutely cannot find something online... I use my best judgement based on the garment's source, style, and any other identifying characteristics.

What are your shipping options?

BSV currently offers FREE domestic shipping via USPS First Class Package service with a couple of exceptions noted below. Need something shipped internationally? Please Contact Me before placing your order.

  • All Home Goods are available for local Memphis-area delivery only. If you would really, really like something shipped let me know (but know that it may not really be cost effective).
  • Bulky and/or heavy items such as long winter coats or shoes may be subject to a small additional charge depending on size and weight. This charge will always be noted on the project page of the item.

All orders ship out within 1-3 business days from the time they are placed. You will receive tracking information at the email address provided at checkout once something ships. If you would like something expedited, please also Contact Me before placing your order.

What's your return policy?

Blue Suede Vintage currently does not accept returns.

I do my best to list all of an item's relevant measurements on the product page (see note above about sizing!) and to note anything outstanding about a garment's condition. Of course, all pieces have been previously loved and worn, but if the item has any tears or spots or anything like that, I'll definitely call it out (and that's usually reflected in the price).