My Birth Story: Blue Suede Vintage

My Birth Story: Blue Suede Vintage

While I know there's an "about me" portion of the site and I reveal myself from time to time on Instagram, I figured I'm due for a more formal introduction of this business. And to be honest, I need an excuse to start blogging. Because, well, I have LOTS to say. So get ready. 

My name is Casey Marie O'Rourke, and I've bragged to everyone since I can remember that my initials are CMO. Don't forget it. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN but ended up moving to Austin, TX for a while to get my MBA from Texas. Most of you probably know that Austin has a more progressive culture... at least much more so than the Bible Belt South. I'd always been interested in social impact, sustainability and the like, but my Austin cultural immersion is what turned that interest to love (dare I say... passion?). I fully bought in: social justice, composting, and most of all, sustainable fashion. 

I've always loved clothes. I kept a sketchbook of designs from a young age and even attempted a half-assed FIDM application at one point (never submitted). I love clothes as art and as a means of self-expression. What I don't love is the negative impact that clothing production and textile waste have on our environment. More on that in likely what will be many other posts. I've always been a thrifter (one of my prom dresses was thrifted; it was EPIC and I must find a picture), and I bought some vintage here and there. But I didn't realllly get into vintage until I moved to Austin and some of the best vintage shops ever were blocks away from my house. Shoutout to Charm School and Room Service Vintage. 

Life events brought me back to Memphis at the end of 2017, and I started wondering if I could force my interests to collide into a profitable side gig to help with student loans. I wanted to name it something that captured the soul and history of this great Bluff City that I love so much. And in the same way I'm sure many business names are now discovered, I was browsing available domains and social handles... and Blue Suede Vintage was born. I mean really. Come on. I couldn't BELIEVE that wasn't taken! 

I started the site in February of 2018 and things have really just gone from there. This is a labor of love--I do this on nights and weekends as I have time--and I've come to learn that I really get out what I put in. And that means financial and non-financial rewards. Personal events caused me to put the business on hold for a large portion of 2019 (spoiler alert: I got divorced), but I'm starting to get back into things now towards the end of the year and it's reminding me of how much I really love doing this. 

As for me, CMO, I'm a mid-thirties marketer by day. I'm an INTJ and make spreadsheets to plan out vacations. I really enjoy parentheticals and have, by far, the dirtiest sense of humor of all my friends. I fully own the title of Dog Mom to two pitties, Izzy and Hemmy (Hemingway) and am a bully breed and rescue advocate. If you paid a lot of money for your dog, I'm probably judging you. Drop me a line and let's talk about Fleetwood Mac, the greatest television show of all time E.R., or Jeff Goldblum's flawless beauty. If you have recommendations for really f'ed up podcasts or movies let me know. 

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